Frequently Asked Questions

At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, you can turn any idea into a fundraiser that can help create hope and build healthier futures for the patients and families we serve. Your fundraiser can be focused around any idea, including celebrating a special occasion like a birthday, participating in an athletic activity like a month-long give-back fitness class, or remembering the life of a loved one with an Honor & Memorial page. Upon registration, you will receive your very own online page that can be personalized with a message and a photo then shared with others. Through your Participant Center, you’ll be able to send messages to family and friends and track your progress.

Your fundraising page will remain open until the end of the calendar year, or you can ask us to disable it sooner if that’s what you prefer. If you choose to fundraise again next year, you’ll need to register a new fundraising page. The only exception is for our Junior Ambassador fundraisers, who have pages open on the hospital fiscal year calendar (July 1 — June 30).

Your fundraising page is live, and you can begin fundraising immediately. We can imagine you are eager to start fundraising with your very own personal touch on your page and we are so grateful for your support. As part of our improved security measures, we now review edits made to every fundraising page to ensure it complies with federal guidelines and donor transparency. The average approval period is within 24 hours, or 72 hours if it’s a Friday. You will receive an email once your personal edits have been approved. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

All donations to this site support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, a 501(c)(3) organization. If you choose to support a specific area of the hospital, then your fundraising will benefit that selected area.

Yes. When registering, you will be prompted to select an area of the hospital you would like your page to support from a drop-down menu, which includes a write-in option. If you are already registered and did not indicate where you would like to direct your fundraising efforts, please contact with the division, department or program you would like to support. If you are joining a team, your team captain may have already determined the hospital area to support which will apply to the team page as well as every team member’s page. If you did not select an area, all fundraising totals will benefit the Children’s Fund which is the area of greatest need at the hospital.

Yes. To provide you and your supporters with more information on the area of the hospital you’ve chosen to support, we’ve come up with a few sentences you can add to your page. By adding this sentence to your page, donors who support your efforts will know exactly how their donation will be used.

  • The Children’s Fund:
    Please consider a donation to my fundraiser page, which will support the Children's Fund. Your gift will provide a lifeline of support for the areas of greatest need at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Whether it means investing in state-of-the-art equipment for life-saving surgeries, supporting innovative research studies, bringing excellent care into the community, or providing supportive services for children and their families in the hospital, your gift will change a child’s life—and help create healthier futures for more children.
  • Cancer and Blood Disease Institute:
    Please consider a donation to my fundraising page, which will support the Cancer & Blood Disease Institute. For more than six decades, the Cancer and Blood Disease Institute at CHLA has been committed to increasing cure rates and improving quality of survival for children, adolescents and young adults through outstanding clinical care, innovative research, academic excellence and global leadership. The Institute—one of the largest pediatric hematology, oncology, and transplantation and cellular therapy programs in the U.S.—is ranked among the top pediatric cancer programs in the country by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Heart Institute:
    Please consider a donation to my fundraising page, which will support the Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is the largest pediatric cardiac center in the Western United States and hasexpertise handling all forms of pediatric and congenital heart disease, from the most common to the rarest and most complex cases. There is no cardiac condition that the Heart Institute’s specialists cannot treat. Consistently ranked among the top pediatric cardiac programs in the United States by U.S. News & World Report, the Heart Institute provides an integrated suite of inpatient and outpatient services for children.
  • Fetal and Neonatal Institute:
    Donations to my fundraising page will support the Fetal and Neonatal Institute at CHLA which offers advanced care to babies with complex medical conditions. This highly skilled team provides comprehensive fetal and neonatal care for the tiniest patients and their families. For infants born with a severe health condition, nothing is more important than receiving the highest-quality medical, surgical and supportive care in the earliest days, weeks and months of life.
  • Neurological Institute:
    Please consider a donation to my fundraising page, which will support the Neurological Institute. The Neurological Institute’s high patient volume leads to better outcomes—our physicians see disorders on a weekly basis that community hospitals may see once in a decade. The Institute focuses on offering patients the right treatment in the right timeframe. When it comes to a child’s neurological development, time is of the essence.
  • Jackie and Gene Autry Orthopedic Center
    Please consider a donation to my fundraiser page, which will support the Jackie and Gene Autry Orthopedic Center. Experts at the Jackie and Gene Autry Orthopedic Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles have experience treating children with the full spectrum of orthopedic conditions—including broken bones, spine disorders, neuromuscular weakness, tumors and hip, hand and joint abnormalities—and work to promote a full and speedy recovery so that patients can lead active, healthy lives. The Autry Orthopedic Center is consistently recognized as a top 10 pediatric orthopedic program by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Behavioral Health Institute
    Donations to my fundraising page support the Behavioral Health Institute which provides compassionate, patient- and family—centered care for behavioral and emotional challenges. This includes outpatient behavioral health clinics and services for patients admitted to the hospital. CHLA's holistic approach to mental and physical health is an important part of the high-quality care we provide.
  • The Saban Research Institute
    Donations to my fundraising page support The Saban Research Institute which is one of the largest and most productive pediatric research facilities in the United States. The overarching aim of The Saban Research Institute is to foster innovative research to improve the health and wellness of children and ensure the delivery of culturally competent care for diverse pediatric populations.

Yes. By selecting the Athletics fundraising campaign option during the registration process, you can create a fundraising team. A Team Captain will have the ability to manage the team fundraising page, set a goal and designate the area of the hospital the team fundraising efforts will support.

Yes! Sign into your Participant Center and click on the button to connect to Facebook. Once you sign into your Facebook account, your page will automatically connect and all funds raised through Facebook will be added to your CHLA fundraising page, helping you reach your goal faster.

All online transactions to Children's Hospital Los Angeles are done on a secure server. This means that information entered on the transaction page is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) before transmission. On secure pages, a "closed" lock symbol displays at the bottom of your browser, and the website address in the bar at the top of your browser starts with "https" instead of "http." Donation pages are secured by GeoTrust. We can also process your gift over the phone if you prefer. Call us at 323-361-1700 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST.

Yes, a donation confirmation will be emailed to you shortly after we process your donation. It also serves as your tax receipt. Federal income tax law requires us to inform you that no goods or services were provided to you in return for your gift, and that, therefore, your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Please ensure the check is made payable to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and include your name and fundraiser title on the memo line. Then, mail it to the following address:

Send checks, along with a donation pledge form to:

Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Ambassadors - OFC
4650 Sunset Blvd., #29
Los Angeles, CA 90027

The donations will be added to your page within seven (7) business days of receipt.

  • Credit Cards: Please use our search feature to locate a specific fundraising page where you’d like to make a donation. Otherwise, you can click here to use our secure online website to make a gift.
  • Checks: Make checks payable to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. If the gift is intended to sponsor a fundraiser, please enter "Fundraiser - Participant Name" in the memo line so we can ensure it is designated accurately. Checks can be mailed to:
  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
    Ambassadors - OFC
    4650 Sunset Blvd., #29
    Los Angeles, CA 90027

Yes. To find out if your employer matches employee gifts, please contact your personnel or human resources office. Many companies will match employee contributions, in some cases doubling or even tripling them!

  • Obtain matching gift forms from your personnel office.
  • Complete the matching gift form (or complete your employer's online web form).
  • Follow your company's policy for submitting the form.

For questions about matching gifts, please contact the Ambassadors at 323-361-1700 or by email at

Please allow seven (7) business days to process the donation. If it has been more than seven business days since you mailed your checks, please contact the Ambassadors at 323-361-1700. For verification, we will need four pieces of information: the donor’s full name, the page owner (fundraiser’s name), check number, and amount of the donation.

Images must be .gif, .jpg, or .png files. Files with a .jpg or .png type will be automatically resized to fit in a 300 x 400 pixel space. The maximum acceptable file size is 4 MB.

Photo too big? Here are some instructions for resizing photos:

If you are using Windows:

  1. Find the photo in windows explorer.
  2. Right click on the file name. Select 'Open with' and select Photos.
  3. At the top-center of the application, select the three-dot icon.
  4. Select Resize image.
  5. Make sure Pixels is selected (and not Percent).
  6. Size the image:
    1. If the image is taller than wider, enter a height of 400.
    2. If the image is wider than taller, enter a width of 300.
    3. Select File type JPG.
    4. Select Save.
  7. Choose the location to save the file.
  8. Update the file name (if necessary).
  9. Select Save.

If you're are using a Mac:

  1. Find the photo in the Finder directory.
  2. Double click on file name. Select Open with and Select Preview (default).
  3. At the top of the application, select Tools.
  4. Select Adjust Size.
  5. Make sure Pixels are selected to the right of Width and Height.
  6. Size the image:
    1. If the image is taller than wider, enter a height of 400.
    2. If the image is wider than taller, enter a width of 300.
    3. Make sure Scale Proportionally is checked.
    4. Select OK.
  7. At the top of the application select File and select Duplicate.
  8. Enter the file name for the resized image.
  9. Choose the location to save the file.
  10. Press 'Return/Enter'.

If you would like to hold a community fundraising event benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, please begin by reviewing our Terms and Conditions. After reviewing the guidelines, please complete the Community Fundraising Application online and and submit to our Special Events team. Once they receive the application, they will contact you with the next steps. Should you have any further questions, contact the Special Events department at (323) 361-5972 or email

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are here to help you with your page. Please contact the Ambassadors team at 323-361-1700 or

A tax receipt is automatically generated for supporters who give online through your fundraising page. For gifts made by cash or check, donors must provide their complete name (first and last names) and mailing address. We will mail them a letter and tax receipt when their gift has been processed. For further assistance, please contact or 323-361-1700.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible under Federal Tax ID 95-1690977.

All marketing and promotional materials bearing the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles name or logo must be approved by CHLA prior to production or distribution. Please review our Terms and Conditions for community event fundraisers and complete a Community Fundraising Application.

To remove your fundraising page, please contact the Ambassadors at 323-361-1700 or

If you would like to change the frequency or types of communications you receive from us, please contact the Foundation office at 800-817-4543 or, and we will be pleased to respect your wishes.

To learn more, please visit us at About Children’s Hospital Los Angeles | Children's Hospital Los Angeles ( or contact us at 323-361-1700 or

If you are still looking for an answer to your question, please contact us. We are here to help and can be reached at or 323-361-1700.